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Becky Eddy – Researcher- Started at the station in the spring of 2015.
Becky’s email address is

Office Tele# 715-369-0619 [/vc_wp_text][vc_column_text]


Scott Woodford- Ag Project Supervisor

Scott began his career in August 1995 as a Research Gardener.

Scott’s email address  is


Kim Goodin- USA1 and Research Gardener.

Kim started as a lab tech in 2003 and as the USA 1 in 2004 and became a Research Gardener in 2015.

Kim’s email address is



Edith Parker- Research Gardener. Edith came to the station as a Farm Laborer in 1988, then held concurrent appointments as a Chemistry Laboratory technician in the fall of 1991 and as a Research Gardener in 1992.

Edith’s email address is

Glen Herman – Agricultural Research Equipment Operator started at the station June of 2015.

Glen’s email address is

Office Tele# 715-369-0619    Office fax# 715-369-4562

Address 4181 Camp Bryn Afon Road
Rhinelander, WI 54501